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Cameron, the founder of Easy Pop Tops and the POP TOP Water Bottle, was just your typical college student on a mission; wanting to create something innovative and impactful for his community and local Boys and Girls Club.  Cameron grew up in Stoneham, Massachusetts with his brother Brad, mother Jocelyn, and father Brian.  While living in Stoneham, he was an active member of the Boys and Girls Club for over ten years.  With his experience as a camp counselor and supervisor, he was often asked to open children’s water bottles with a typical twist-off cap.  It wasn’t until Cameron’s sophomore year at Suffolk University in the Fall of 2013, that he set the groundwork for the POP TOP Water Bottle.  For one of his class projects, he was assigned to create something innovative.  With his background at the Boys and Girls Club, Cameron had thought of some ways in which he could create something valuable, but by also fulfilling his personal mission to give back to his community and local Boys and Girls Club.  His idea was to come up with a water bottle that allowed one to pull the cap off easily instead of twisting the cap off, thus creating the birth of the POP TOP Water Bottle.

Over the course of the next few years, prototypes were created to figure out how it would be possible to innovate a well-established product.  After many hours of tinkering with the latest non-twist cap, the prototype worked great.  The next steps would require more feedback and time at the drawing board.
Just after graduating from Suffolk University in May of 2016, Cameron purchased a 3D printer, had some changes in the design, which resulted in a model that was near perfect.  The bottle had a sleek design, easy to open, and a vacuum seal. At this point, Cameron could feel how close he was to a finished product.

In late May of 2018, Cameron was one step closer to his dream; industrial prototypes arrived.  A few final adjustments to the bottle material, tightness of the cap to the bottle, and a slight logo change was needed.  They are available in green, blue, purple, and pink.  The first POP TOP Water Bottle shipped in September 2018, and continues to ship around the world.