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Cameron, the founder of Easy Pop Tops and the POP TOP water bottle, was an active member of the Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham, MA for over ten years, and had also worked there as a camp counselor and supervisor.  As a student of Suffolk University, Cameron was given an assignment to present an innovation through his entrepreneurship class during the Fall semester of 2013.  The innovation had to be presented in under one minute and prototypes were allowed.  With quick thinking underway, Cameron had thought of some ways in which he could create something valuable, but by also fulfilling his personal mission to give back to his local Boys and Girls Club.  The most persistent problem that Cameron saw was children struggling to open their water bottles.  Understanding that this was a reoccurring event, the light bulb turned on, and a prototype was in the works.  By the start of the following week, Cameron had presented his prototype of the POP TOP water bottle to the class.  Using the provided feedback, Cameron went back to tinkering the prototype.
Over the course of the next year, another prototype was created.  This time, a "popping sound", which one can now hear when they open the bottle, was first introduced.  The prototype worked great.  The next steps would require more feedback and time at the drawing board.
Just after graduating from Suffolk University in May of 2016, Cameron purchased a 3D printer, had some changes in the design, which resulted in a model that was near perfect.  The popping sound was recreated, the bottle had a sleek design, vacuum seal and leak proof, and was catching the feeling that something incredible is here. 

In late May of 2017, the order for industrial prototypes were placed.  A few weeks later, the prototypes arrived and were exactly as Cameron imagined them to be.  A few final adjustments to the bottle material and slight logo change was needed.  The introductory colors are green, blue, purple, and pink.  The POP TOP water bottles will be available for delivery mid-September 2018.