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The easy to open water bottle.
Just pull off the cap and rehydrate!
Great for kids.
Children love the non-twist cap!
Local fundraiser on the golf course.
Our community is important!
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Convenience is a game-changer!

POP TOP Colors

Meet the creator!

Cameron Bishop, 25 years of age, created the POP TOP water bottle to remove the difficulties in twist-top water bottles.  As a lifelong member of the Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham, Cameron wanted to give back in any way possible.  Even having completed his Eagle Scout project there with the Boys Scouts of America, he knew there was more that can be done.

The product first started as a class project while working at his local Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham, MA back in September of 2013.  Children continuously asked for assistance in opening their own water bottles, due to the difficulty in the twist-off caps.  5 years later, POP TOP water bottles are assisting children, senior citizens, and those with disabilities.