How does Pop Top work?

Pop Top features a cap, and a bottle portion.  The cap must be removed from the bottle, in order for the individual to drink from.

What are the parts of the Pop Top product made of?

The bottle is made from BPA Free Eastman Tritan.  This material was chosen for two primary reasons, that being BPA Free, and extremely durable.  The inner portion of the cap is made from BPA Free Silicone, while the hard, outside portion is made from BPA Free Polypropylene.  The cap piece can be closely related to that of tupperware containers that an individual may have at home.  

If a child throws, drops, or knocks over their Pop Top with liquid inside, will the cap come off?

In some circumstances, the cap will come off.  This is due to how much force is exerted onto the fitted area of the cap and the bottle.  We advise customers to do their best to position the bottle upright as much as possible to avoid any issues.

Can individuals with arthritis, or hand/motor skills use Pop Top?

Pop Top is a perfect fit for individuals with arthritis and hand/motor skills.  As tested in our market research, individuals with arthritis had no issues removing the cap, while also holding a firm grasp on the bottle.  Another portion of our research showed that an individual with a broken arm, had successfully removed the cap with their opposite arm with ease.

Can Pop Top be created with customized logos?

Easy Pop Tops is working on having the option to allow customized logos placed onto Pop Top Bottles.  For inquiries, please call 781-835-9875 or email Cameron @easypoptops.com.

What types of beverages are allowed in Pop Top Bottles?

We recommend any beverages without carbonation.  This is because the air pressure inside the Pop Top increases, allowing the cap to eject from the bottle.  In addition, we recommend not having hot beverages within the bottle, as the bottle is not insulated.