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In 2013, our founder Cameron Bishop, first conceived of the POP TOP Water Bottle while living in Stoneham, Massachusetts.  Cameron has always had a passion for giving back to his community.  Five years later in September 2018, over 200 POP TOP Water Bottles were given to the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham.  The reaction from the children was sheer joy for Cameron, and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham that day.  The feeling of watching these children no longer have difficulties opening their previous water bottles with twist-off caps, was heart-warming.


The Boys and Girls Clubs of Stoneham and Wakefield hosted their annual Gala on October 5, 2018.  This event is one of the largest fundraisers for both of the Boys and Girls Clubs.  Easy Pop Tops had donated 100 POP TOP Water Bottles for the event, in which the bottles would be raffled for the proceeds going back to the Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham and Wakefield.