"She loves her Pop Top Bottle.  She gets to stay at her fast pace playing, without having to stop and fumble around trying to open a water bottle.  It is so easy for her to open and close, and we like that". - Jamie, parent 

"Awesome for my 7 year old son, James. He loves his. He opens it without issue and refills it without any assistance. It’s perfect for a day at the park or his baseball game because even if it gets kicked around a bit in the chaos of playtime it doesn’t leak and the cap doesn’t come off. Excellent product". - Mike, parent 

"I teach students who have difficulty with fine motor skills so twisting off the caps of normal water bottles is a fairly difficult task. They also decrease their independence - something I try to build up every day. The Pop Top Bottles gave them their independence and they love them too! They got to chose their favorite color from the 4 choices available so it got to be personalized in a way too. Some students needed a demonstration, but all were able to open and close the bottle with ease all by themselves. I highly recommend this product as both a parent and a teacher". - Julie, parent and teacher

"Kids are loving them. Easy to open and close, very cool design and super easy to clean. I’ve been through many different water bottles as a mom of four and this definitely tops them all. Great product!" - Jamie, parent